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Hotels in Galle - Hotels in Sri Lanka - Unawatuna Hotels - Hotels in Unawatuna - Thambapanni Retreat Unawatuna - Thaproban Beach House Unawatuna Hotels in Galle - Hotels in Sri Lanka - Unawatuna Hotels - Hotels in Unawatuna - Thambapanni Retreat Unawatuna - Thaproban Beach House Unawatuna  
Hotels in Galle - Hotels in Sri Lanka - Unawatuna Hotels - Hotels in Unawatuna - Thambapanni Retreat Unawatuna - Thaproban Beach House Unawatuna
Hotels in Galle - Hotels in Sri Lanka - Unawatuna Hotels - Hotels in Unawatuna - Thambapanni Retreat Unawatuna - Thaproban Beach House Unawatuna

Hailing from 15 minutes away from the capital city of the Southern province is the tourist resort village of Unawatuna, where sun & fun has been the theme of everything done here from the late 1970’s. Turquoise blue watered bay being jealously guarded by an equally elegant tropical coral reef 60 ft deep in certain places offers a myriad of activities for the savvy tourist.

The Unawatuna beach is undoubtedly the centre piece of the attraction with its white sands ideal to laze around in a lounge chair under a coconut palm with a “frothing & bubbling chilly” in hand, or take glass bottom boat ride to the reef if you don’t like to get your feet wet, snorkel or dive if you how it’s done also you can get help from the PADI instructors.

Explore the legends that surround Unawatuna from the pre-historic times of Valmiki epic of Ramayana to medieval times when the European Nations looked for tropical spice & wealth to plunder while fighting among themselves conquering distant lands and building forts in the name of the queen and country or spices.


The Dutch Fort ( 15Min )

The very first impressions of Galle to any visitor, is the 16th century Dutch fortress that adorns the centre of the city, now a UNESCO world heritage site with its Dutch colonial architecture and bastions, the butterfly bridge are places that you wouldn’t want to miss during walk on the ramparts. Walk through the streets here is a walk back in time, old Dutch buildings adorn the street on either side ending suddenly in Dutch style verandahs

Rumassala ( 10Min )

Known as Buena Vista locate about 04 km from the Galle town has its roots in the Valmiki epic of Ramayana, where the monkey chief dropped a part of Himalayan region which he carried to help the recovery of Rama, today the hill is adorned with a statue of Hanuman, enjoy the wonderful views across to Galle Harbour and on a clear day you can see Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak). It is also a good place for bird watching with many endemic species on record.

Dutch era museum ( 15Min )

built in 1754 by a Dutch army officer on top of the previous Portuguese church is another landmark at the entrance of the fort & Dutch era museum which contains paintings, documents, furniture and ceramic ware depict the art and culture of this great city during the colonial era.

Turtle Watching ( 01 1/2 hrs ) TCP

The immediate area surrounding Kosgoda, close to Unwatuna beach is frequented by 05 of the 07 known species of turtles of the world to lay eggs, take a stroll down the beach on a moon lit night to witness these ancient mariners, or visit the turtle hatchery farm located in the beach and watch the day olds orient themselves to the journey ahead.

Hiyare Rain Forest ( 01 Hour )

Hiyare reservoir locates about 14km from Galle on Udugama road, established in 1911 is boarded by 600 acres or so of secondary lowland rainforest and is frequented by tourists for its sheer natural splendor.


Unawatuna beach boasts of places you could surf and during season you could ride the waves 2 – 6 feet in height both ways, so the experts say. The silent run through a tunnel or the top till you drop or the waves collapses, either way enjoy while you can. Unawatuna beach has deep water and flat reef’s, making them ideal for surfing, but not for the novice. A first aid kit would be handy as the reef is coral, hazardous for you terminal for the polyp.

Snorkeling & Dive ( just a hop away )

Dive with the best PADI instructors in Galle, the harbour has over 75 recorded wrecks, some of the famous ones are The Avondster (1659) a British ship captured by the Dutch and modified, wrecked while at anchor in Galle Harbour, The VOC Hercules (1661) lost when the anchor rope broke in a sudden gale while getting ready to set sail from Galle harbour.Popular with foreign & local tourist alike for its placid turquoise blue sea white sandy beach, a fine reef for snorkeling and also the only spot where one could spot whale sharks in Sri Lanka, the largest known fish in the world and not a shark, one should also know that sharks are unheard of in Sri Lankan waters.


A trawler trip will no doubt check your angling prowess and even the amateur angler will be rewarded in Sri Lankan water which are renowned as great fishing grounds for the likes of Sea bass, Grouper, Snapper and baby Spanish Mackerel, while large Spanish Mackerel, Marlin (Sail-fin tuna), Seer are quite common further out along with the occasional shark and will test your skills to the limit.

Whale Watching Mirissa ( 45Min )

One of the best places in the world to see one of the only recorded resident blue whale colonies in their natural habitat. Dolphins are regularly spotted on whale watching trips organized from Mirissa and Dondra head on the south coast.

Boat Safari ( 20Min )

Excursion in a Glass bottom to Unawatuna reef and view the corals and a plethora of fish teaming in 12 ft or so of crystal clear water laid out below you, witness the suns ray’s play on the reef to create a kaleidoscope of colours.

Yala National Park ( 04-05hrs )

Yala Park is the 2nd largest wildlife park in Sri Lanka. Jeep Safari tour through the wildlife Park will be an unforgettable adventure. Get close to and photograph Sri Lankan wildlife and birds in their natural environment, and on your Sri Lankan safari you’ll tour through some truly marvelous scenery.

Udawalawe Safari ( 03-04hrs )

Located south-central sector of the island, and Keeps company to the herds of Elephants, the main attraction of the wildlife park are Water Buffalo, Wild-boar, Spotted Deer, Sambur Deer, Jackal, Samber, Black-naped hare, mongooses, bandicoots, foxes, the endemic Toque Macaque and Gray Langers. Sighting Leopard and other smaller cats like Fishing cat & Jungle cat would be a bonus, so keep your camera ready!